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4 Viewpoint - An interview with BWEA’s CEO Maria McCaffery

10 News

18 Resource full
Promoting hydropower as the number one source of renewable electricity

20 Renewable Energy Systems
26 Mainstream Renewable Power
28 RWE Innogy
30 Ascot Renewco
37 Pick and mix

An interview with the man at the helm of Senergy Alternative Energy

40 City Centre
A new centre dedicated to promote renewable innovations

45 Team effort
Converteam’s efforts at providing electrical support to the renewables industry

48 International relations
A new undersea connection

51 The hard cell
The hydrogen economy is a much-nearer prospect

54 Grand design
A new environmentally advanced technology centre

56 Keep on rolling
Schaeffler technical file

60 Tailor made
The next evolutionary step of REpower’s onshore turbine technology

63 Hands on

64 Risk and rewards

66 Park life

68 In the zone

70 East meets west

72 Single source

74 Above the radar

77 Do the rounds

78 Key to success

80 Down to experience

82 One stop shop

85 Recruitment

98 Megawatch


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