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17 Fast forward
The latest initiative to accelerate the UK’s renewable energy technology

20 Alternative arrangements
How can Britain reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2027?

23 Blade runner
A German port could become the heart of Europe’s wind turbine industry

26 Assembly points
Why Wales could be missing out on being a leader in renewables

28 High flyer
A fuel cell powered airplane completes test flights

31 Real life
What role do prototypes have to play in making marine energy a reality?

34 Sea view
Tidal power could rely on investment in the national grid, in order to flourish

37-44 Community wind
How do community wind energy projects work, and what benefits do they offer?

37 Community wind - Article 1 - Pulling together

40 Community wind - Article 2 - Group effort

44 Community wind - Article 3 - Power to the people

48 Reaping the rewards
Is offshore wind the next North Sea Oil?

50 Heavy duty
A report from the Rhyl Flats offshore wind farm project

54 Banking on it
How has the offshore wind sector evolved, and what is to come?

58 Looking ahead
What is being done to ensure that offshore is a feasible future energy source?

60 Sure thing
The role of quality assurance in offshore wind energy projects

62 Ruling the waves
How US renewable energy technology is being used in the UK offshore sector

64 Tall order
How one of the UK’s biggest offshore wind farms is being installed

66 Strong connections
Can the grid deliver for renewable energy?

69 Navigating risk
The role of risk analysis in renewable energy projects

70 Making the leap
How companies are diversifying industrial expertise into renewables

72 Ocean explorer
A new technology could improve planning for offshore energy installations

79 All-Energy
The All-Energy ‘08 Exhibition and Conference, taking place in Aberdeen on 21 & 22 May


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