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15 Peak performance
How can companies optimise the operating performance of wind farms?

18 Worlds apart
A recently established, hydroelectricity R&D facility in India has underlined the globalisation of renewables

23 On the pulse
The next generation of Lidar technology presents opportunities for wind energy measurement

26 Enter the dragons
How did six companies fare when they came face-to-face with the renewable indsutry ‘dragons’ of the BWEA conference?

34 Under investigation
A new research project looks into accelerating the offshore wind energy sector

38 On the horizon
A look at the changing face of offshore wind

42 Tomorrow’s world
Preview to the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, the UAE, in January

45 Renewables Norway 2008

72 Smart move
‘Smart’ grids may help Europe to adapt to changes in energy demands

74 Keeping up momentum
The role of computer-aided engineering in wind farm designs

76 Strength in numbers
Could renewable energy be the next UK industry hit by a ‘skills shortage’?

82 Megawatch



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